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Jason has been in the health and fitness industry since 1997.

He is a club athlete, having reached Ironman level, and has been trained at the Loughborough and Oxford Univeristies, The Devon Academy, MFR UK, Jing Brighton, the London School of Sports Massage, Osteon Manual Therapy London.

He is a member of REPS, UKSCA, and England Athletics

In treatment he can focus on any areas of muscular tension you have using specific techniques to loosen tight muscles, lengthen short muscles, realign muscle and fascia, relieve pain, and aid relaxation.

We can help restore movement and function for muscle tears, ligament strains, back ache, head aches, migraines, chronic fatigue and more. 

Tendons/muscles: repetitive strain injury (RSI), Achilles tendonitis, tennis/golfer's elbow, sprains/strains, bruises/haematomas, dead legs, shoulder impingment.

Injury Managment

Early post injury treatment is essential. After injury inflammation occurs, leading to scarring. This creates a secondary injury and slows down the healing process. The quicker you receive treatment following an injury or trama, the quicker your body will return to full functional fitness.

Health and Fitness

Whether you want to walk upstairs easier or train for your first 5k Jason can help improve the quality of your life and get your fitter.

He is qualified in: Sports massage, swimming and run coach, sports injury managment, strength and conditioning.

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G Morris, Brighton

I find Jason's treatments excellent. He uses hot stones as well as a variety of techniques. This form of treatment could cost alot more in the City centre. He is also very encouraging and supportive of my marathon training.