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Massage Therapist in Brighton

30 minutes £25
45 minutes £35
60 minutes £40
75 / £50 90 / £60

Deep Tissue Massage

Helps improve your circulation, relax your muscles, reduce tension and tightness, and makes you feel relaxed. The massage works at a deeper level, realigning muscle fibres and connective tissue. Neck, shoulder and back tightness can often be attributed to poor posture and deep tissue massage can help restore balance.

Relaxed 1 x 30 min massage every 4 weeks 13 massages £25pcm save £25 pa
Chilled 1 x 30 minute massage every 2 weeks 26 massages £50 pcm save £50 pa
Super Chilled 1 x 1 hour every 4 weeks 13 massages £40 pcm save £40 pa
Wake me up! 1 x 1 hour massage every 2 weeks £80 pcm save £80pa

Amazing Offers!

Keep yourself in tip top shape by setting up a monthly direct debit and get one treatment free. On top of these great offers I also give extra free time regularly to clients when I'm not back to back. Can be shared as long as each client has had an initial consultation and treatment.


G Morris, Brighton

I find Jason's treatments excellent. He uses hot stones as well as a variety of techniques. This form of treatment could cost alot more in the City centre. He is also very encouraging and supportive of my marathon training.