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Deep Tissue Massage

This is a great treatment for dealing with the rigours of life sport and exercise. Having a deep tissue massage helps improve your circulation, relax your muscles, reduce tension and tightness, and makes you feel relaxed. The massage works at a deeper level, realigning muscle fibres and connective tissue. Neck, shoulder and back tightness can often be attributed to poor posture and deep tissue massage can help restore balance. Sports and deep tissue massage are pretty much two of the same thing.

I will also offer specific exercise advice for patients to do to help strengthen the muscles. Tightness can also be attributed to weak muslces. As a qualified personal trainer I am qualified and insured to give this advice and help you to be stronger, looser and practice good pain managment.


30 minutes £35
45 minutes £45
60 minutes £50
75 / £65 90 / £80


G Morris, Brighton

I find Jason's treatments excellent. He uses hot stones as well as a variety of techniques. This form of treatment could cost alot more in the City centre. He is also very encouraging and supportive of my marathon training.