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Dry Needling

A needle is placed into irratable areas of tight muscle. Used within a treatment along with massage and ultra sound it is extremely beneficial in loosening the muscle tissue, and relieving pain, by increasing blood flow and sending pain relieving hormones into the area. Also know as medical acupucture. You only feel a pin prick and in some cases a dull ache.

This is not the same as Chinese acupuncture, which works with the meridians around the body. This type of acupucture purely works on tight muscles

30 minutes £35
45 minutes £45
60 minutes £50
75 / £65 90 / £80


G Morris, Brighton

I find Jason's treatments excellent. He uses hot stones as well as a variety of techniques. This form of treatment could cost alot more in the City centre. He is also very encouraging and supportive of my marathon training.